Prieres - 30 May 2017

en - Young Peoples’ Response to lessen the impact of climate change

Young Peoples’ Response to lessen the impact of climate change, heeding the call of Pope Francis to care for our common home – Mother Earth, linking Ballymun and the Philippines.

This reflection was prepared by Lorelei Ocaya and Lena Deevy both members of the Anglo Celtic Territory JPIC Commission. Lena and Lorelei live in Ballymun and share a concern for climate justice and in sharing the message of Laudato Si. Lorelei is a Columban Lay Missionary from the Philippines and as part of her work in the Parish she works with Life Teen, a Catholic formation program for young adults. The group comprises of individuals of Filipino background plus some local Irish young adults. Life Teen has been studying Laudato Si and its link with the message of the Gospel.

This article is an example of how they integrated their reflections on Laudato Si, their knowledge of the devastation forests in the Philippines and issues locally in the outdoor Good Friday Stations of the Cross and a special prayer service in St Joseph’s Church before the Cross on Good Friday evening.

This Service focused on raising awareness on the effects of logging on the forests and extractive mining and the displacement of the Subanen People in the Southern Part of the Philippines, Mindaneo. The prayer connected the death of the forest due to intensive logging and mining to the passion and death of Christ. It was a powerful and moving illustration of how human beings, because of greed and personal interests, set off the destruction of our relationship to the environment and Mother Earth. Just like how Jesus was condemned to death because Pilate, caught up in guarding his job and his prestige, did not exercise his responsibility as the judge, instead washed his hands against the innocent. (see video on youtube: Stations of the Cross –Columban Fathers)

The prayer around the cross and the outdoor Stations spoke straight to the hearts of the parishioners and was very moving for all involved. From this experience, some committed to be more mindful to lessen food wastage in their homes. Some decided to properly dispose of rubbish and practice recycling. Some become more conscious of their health inviting friends and members of their family for exercise and walking. These are signs of people becoming more conscious of how the ripple effects to other people and the environment.

Good Friday celebrations were an appropriate opportunity to reflect on our responsibilities as followers of Christ and on our moral obligation to ensure the harmony and sustainability of God’s creation. We are now more mindful of our interconnectedness in a globalised world, and aware of how responsible consumption practices in Ireland can have a positive impact on people and ecosystems elsewhere on our planet.

(Lifeteen in St. Joseph Parish, Ballymun is a program for young people to develop closer relationship with God and become witnesses of that relationship to the world.)

Lorelei Ocaya, Columban Lay Missionary and Lena Deevy, Little Sister of the Assomption .

LSA JPIC Commission. Anglo Celtic Territory