Divers - 6 avril 2016

fr - Water

There are deserts of the heart as well as great deserts in the great arid regions of our world. All over the world desertification is increasing and the water table is dropping (NASA research). We face water shortages and water pollution of both fresh water and seas, waste and degradation of water tables, rivers, wetlands and bays, pollution and privatisation of water supply and services. Water is necessary for all life, it is a human right. Drought is making the work of producing food much harder, river depletion is impeding navigation. As ground water resources fail there is the problem of salinization of soils, land subsidence and loss of biodiversity. The aridity of the land is a fearsome thing as are tropical storms, rising sea levels typhoons and cyclones, water at its most terrifying bringing death and destruction.
`Praised be you, my Lord, through Sister Water which is so useful humble, precious and pure’ (St Francis, Canticle of the Creatures’). Water is a primordial element cleansing and destroying ; we must respect it. We could neither live nor survive without water, it is a source of life, of beauty and wonder. It brings renewal and refreshment. Guide us to use water wisely and to learn from its humility, and protect its purity. Let us share it with one another equitably rather than it becoming a source of conflict. Let justice flow like living streams in arid ground.
The Spirit hovered over the water in the beginning. Life in all its wonder and variety came forth. When we are near despair over what we are doing to our earth let us remember the promises. As scripture says `from His breast shall flow fountains of living water’… there are` springs of water welling up to eternal life’. Jesus was speaking of the Spirit. Later we hear of the river of the water of life flowing for the healing of the nations (Rev 22). We must trust and hope. Lead us beside still waters to refresh our drooping spirits. (Ps 23)

Sr Jessica r.a.