Information - 14 January 2018

en - Trump and DACA

For the Little Sisters of the Assumption in the United States these days have been profoundly disconcerting and painful. The latest actions concerning DACA, El Salvador, Haiti and Africa…Have been received by the LSA’s and all those in mission with us as well as many colleagues and friends with anger and rage. Policies that have disrupted the lives of so many young people, and families – and the racists comments coming from DT have been unthinkable. The decisions and comments about Haiti have been crushing for so many – and the silence of the Republican Members of Congress have been shocking.

Attached an article that appeared in the Boston Globe on 1/13 where 2 women politicians are publically decrying what the Trump Administration is doing. The Little Sisters have been intimately connected with Haitian Families from the beginning of their immigration here to our neighborhood. In those early days we were blessed to have in our Community Sr. Marcel Delpit LSA who came to us from France. She reached out to embrace the newly arrived Haitian Families (as she spoke their language) and engaged us all to build a supportive community with them. The Haitian families called Marcel the “mother of the Haitians”… and they raised money to send her twice to go to Haiti in order to see their beloved homeland and taste directly the beautiful culture that they treasured.

Now the 2 women politicians: Marie St. Fleur and Linda Dorcena Forey were part of this community. They are now leaders in our State and Country. They highlight for us the tremendous gifts we have all received from the immigration of families thru out our history. Most of the Little Sisters are either first generation, second or third generation Americans.

 We are a nation of immigrants…

Margaret Leonard, lsa