Prieres - 18 March 2017

en - Third Sunday of Lent and Gospel Nonviolence


All-nourishing God, your children cry for help against the violence of or world: Where children starve for bread and feed on weapons; starve for vision and feed on drugs; starve for love and feed on videos; starve for peace and die murdered in our streets.

Creator God, timeless preserver of resources, forgive us for the gifts that we have wasted.

Renew for us what seems beyond redemption; call order and beauty to emerge again from chaos.

Convert our destructive power into creative services; help us to heal the woundedness of our world.

Liberating God, release us from the demons of violence.

Free us today from the disguised demon of deterrence that puts guns by our pillows and missiles in our skies.

Free us from all demons that blind and blunt our spirits; cleanse us from all justifications for violence and war; open our narrowed hearts to the suffering and the poor.

Abiding God, loving renewer of the human spirit, unfold our violent fists into peaceful hands; stretch our sense of family to include our neighbors; stretch our sense of neighbor to include our enemies until our response to you finally respects and embraces all creation as precious sacraments of our presence.

Hear the prayer of all your starving children. Amen.

- “Prayer for a New Society,” Pax Christi USA