Réseaux - 19 July 2016

en - The religious and migration in the 21st century

Summary and Reflection from the Feedbacks

The joy and hopes, the sorrow and anguish of a significant population of the 244 million of the world’s migrants and the 60 million of internally displaced persons and refugees brought us at the Casa Generalizia de Passionisti, Rome from February 22 to 24, 2016. The event organized by the Congregations of St. Joseph, Congregation of the Mission, Passionists International and Augustinians International provided space for us men and women religious to share our experiences in the common responsibility towards today’s many migrants and refugees and to listen to those with a deeper knowledge of the situation so that may harness our efforts for more effective and efficient responses.

The richness of the insights, wisdom and experiences of the speakers, the enthusiasm, and participation of all the participants joined in making the event successful and memorable. That fulfills the first primary goal of this event, namely providing the space for conversation among us around the issues of migration, trafficking in persons and refugee. The many positive feedbacks we have received from respective participants also confirmed the success of the event and confirmed a call for bold commitment, need for further collaboration and not competition.

The hope that the outcome of this workshop would enhance our advocacy at the global policy processes within the UN system was realized with a successful organizing of a side event on April 12, 2016, during the 49th session of the UN Commission on Population and Development.

The side event titled “Migration, Population and Agenda 2030: Collaborating in achieving the SDGs for all through the Perspectives of Migrants and Refugees,” made the case that the 2030 Agenda’s robust and ambitious dream, ‘leave no one behind,’ cannot be met without its realization for all, especially vulnerable populations of migrants and refugees, those of irregular and undocumented status, whose living conditions, human dignity and human rights are neglected by prevalent development and other social policies. Report on this was published in the Global Sisters Report: http://globalsistersreport.org/news/migration/migration-issues-worlds-refugees-get-new-attention-un-39216.