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en - The Principal Traits of Marie Eugénie’s Thinking on Creation

For the Foundress, the world is not the result of chance but of an act of Creation ; it owes its existence to God. It is by the benevolent plan of God that the entire universe, still unfinished, remains in existence and is journeying towards its completion. The status of “creature” binds
all beings, both animate and inanimate, together, and establishes them in a special relationship with God. “We bless God for all that He has made in Creation : the earth, the sea, the mountains and valleys, (...) and we call upon all creatures to bless Him”. These are the main elements of her vision of Creation.

God the Creator
To speak of the Creator, the Foundress uses the neo-platonic axiom, reviewed and deepened by St. Thomas : “Bonum diffusivum est sui” [Goodness tends to spread.] :

God is Goodness who desires to give Himself. He suffers if He does not give of Himself. This is not a definition of my imagination ; it is that of St. Thomas : God is the sovereign Goodness who, of His very nature, loves to pour Himself out, to give all the good that is within Him in abundance.

Elsewhere we find other affirmations :

In order to know God, as Catholic theology teaches it, we must know Him as infinite Goodness who wishes to pour Himself out. (Bonum infinitum diffusivum sui.) These four Latin words suffice to define God.

Claire Myriam Milanese, r.a.

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