Divers - 1er septembre 2017

fr - The Blue Planet

The Spirit hovered over the waters. Life emerged from the oceans a long time ago... it is the oceans that make our home the blue planet seen from space. The oceans regulate climate, generate oxygen, provide ecosystems services. Life teems below their surfaces, the shorelines become sources of food and medicines. Oceans connect us all.
If we go on like this there will be more plastic than fish in the seas. The traditional notion of the freedom of the seas needs to be revised, it is a common good, its life and bounty depend on our working together to respect this source of life, to share information and protect our oceans.
The Ocean Conference held in June 2017 was beginning to do this. It was the first United Nations conference of its kind. It raised global consciousness about the problems, acidification, pollution, illegal fishing amongst others, drawing attention to the lack of high seas governance. Participants from a wide variety of organisations, political, civil, NGOs scientific, business, 6,000 in all, came up with innovative solutions. It was the first time the UN had brought everyone together to look at the challenges facing the world’s oceans. Countries agreed to the ’Call to Action’ to act ’decisively and urgently’ to reverse these multiple challenges.
It stated ’we’ affirm our strong commitment to conserve and sustainably use our oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development’ (the goal of SDG14).
People had come together in a ’wonderful way’, ’it is all of us or nothing’, typical divisions had been broken down. But there is a very long way to go. At least we can be grateful that there has been a start. Each one of us can do something by avoiding single use plastic, plastic bags and bottles which end up in the ocean, and take 400 years to disintegrate.
`May the Lord rejoice in his works’
Jessica Gatty r.a.