Celebration - 7 février 2019

fr - Prayer

Ever provident Father, we thank you and praise you for all that you have been to us. We thank you for sending us Jesus as a sign of your providence and mercy. You uphold human dignity by the life and mission of Jesus. Trusting in Him as our brother and saviour, we present before you our prayers and petitions.

Your response will be,
Lord, comfort the less fortunate in your love.

*We pray for families suffering injustice in their day to day lives, that they experience consolation and encouragement by the presence of friends and neighbours – we pray to the Lord. 

*We pray for parents, especially parents facing problems in personal relationships, that they grow to create confidence in families and among children, we pray to the Lord. 

*That fathers in families learn to fulfil their responsibilities towards children, show genuine love and care towards them – we pray to the Lord. 

*We pray for mothers that they be empowered by the Holy Spirit to unite themselves in resisting all forms of selfishness and injustice – we pray to the Lord.

*That growing children find a conducive atmosphere to develop their personalities and become self confident, in service of the society – we pray to the Lord.

*That fruits of the Holy Spirit, love, joy, peace be shared among people of all religions and races, we pray to the Lord.

Concluding prayer :
Oh Lord ! God of heaven and earth, sanctify us,
And guide our thoughts, words and deeds, so that your grace may break all fetters of selfishness injustice in the society, and may free us to lead a life of God’s own sons and daughters, we make our prayer through Christ our Lord.

Sr Alphy RA