Liturgie - 3 June 2016

en - Good news for God’s earth

Much is happening since `Laudato Si’ and the Paris agreement. It will be people and small communities around the world which can make the difference : lots of local initiatives, parish groups working on `Laudato Si’ as well as the great mass movements of protest,and the transformation of cities one by one can and must be good news for God’s creation and all of us.

One such initiative is the Eco congregation movement, an environmental ecumenical movement based on the Christian faith. This is an extract from the current Eco congregational newsletter, Ireland,( thank you Lena) with some good ideas:

-Tierra Sagrada (Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust) Global Day of Prayer and Action for Creation - 12 June 2016 Tierra Sagrada (Sacred Earth, Sacred Trust) is the name of a global day of prayer and action for creation on 12 June. This date marks six months after the Paris Climate Agreement and joins in the celebration of International Environment Day (June 5) and the first anniversary of the publication of Pope Francis’ Encyclical "Laudato Si’" (June 18). Around the world communities will be joining in an incredible variety of ways. Our diversity is our strongest power. Find out more here. Here are some ideas of ways communities are joining in :

  • Say a prayer, make a blessing, sing a song or meditate - on your own, with your family or bring your community together.
  • Stage a sit in meditation outside a place that’s important locally : a new fracking site, your town hall, a coal mine, or a place that’s at risk.
  • Hold your service outdoors, to reconnect the community to nature.
  • Organise a community project - paint a mural, banners or build a sculpture.
  • A march through your town, bring together people from your community and beyond around protecting our planet for the vulnerable.

It is already a year since Pope Francis’s ground breaking encyclical. Take courage, on we go………

 Jessica r.a.