Témoignages - 6 December 2016

en - Clean and Renewable Energy

I live in Worcester, Massachusetts, in the United States. The amount of “disposable” goods going in to dumps is astronomical. Instead of getting an appliance or a printer repaired, it is more economical to throw it away and but a new one. “Built-in obsolescence” is how the world works. We are lucky to get a few years out of a particular product, and then buy a new one !

Our dumps, or landfills as people like to call them, are overflowing. Bulldozers cover over the discarded material, special vents are installed to release trapped gases and new mountains are formed. Our planet is hurting.

However, one good thing has been happening. All of this open space cannot be built on. Thousands of acres are now being turned in to solar farms. Open space along interstate highways are being lined with solar panels. Landfills are “capped” and thousands and thousands of solar panels are covering the landscape. This clean and renewable energy is replacing fossil fuel and decreasing global warming. If we keep moving in this direction with solar energy as well as wind farms, we can reach the goals set for decreasing carbon emissions. Let’s keep this in the forefront of our consciousness and do what Massachusetts is doing. Clean and renewable energy is the future and it will certainly improve ours.

Experience by Sheilah Dooley