Liturgie - 5 January 2017

en - Aleppo Christian Martyrs Mass

St. Jean feast was a good occasion to celebrate a mass in memorial of Aleppo Christians martyrs. Bishops and priests from different churches gathered in Latin parish for evening ecumenical Eucharist. The celebration was between Christmas and the feast of the martyr of St. Stephen and the Innocents, families of 247 martyrs whose paid their life for the victory of the country Christians as did all Syrians paid a high price in this unfairly war, they lost their beloved from elderly to babies were victim of violence, sometimes two or three members of the same family… Our dear sons and daughters now are part of this heavenly choir…

The atmosphere in the church was in between recollection, solemnity, and mourning the sobs and the sighs coming as pain of unhealed wounds, but because miserable is not a part of Christian faith there is always hope of resurrection and looking forward to the time the we will reunited with our beloved the church was nicely decorated, in additional of Christmas colors were flowers in white and violet color on the Altar .

The parish priest father Ibrahim holds the celebration. He warmly welcomed this initiative in his homely church he evoked the readings of the day. The first reading (1J, 1-4) centred on Jesus the living word of God ,believing in Him we reach eternal life , and we can witness to the resurrection like John when he came to the empty tomb (J 20, 8). John has seen the Christ with the eyes of heart and faith. Mary of Magdalene saw the empty tomb by the eyes of flash she grieved the lost of her master; she didn’t perceive that the Risen Jesus was so close to her. Only after passing from materialistic level to spiritualist level of faith, she recognized the resurrected Lord Jesus (J 20, 16). In this war time we are also living in the darkness, sorrows, death. In the centre of all this we can meet the Risen Christ only by faith and believe He is always with us strengthened us in His tenderness and mercy. He touch us by the loving hands of people closed to us, by their care and concerns lifting up our hearts to the Lord, the Word of life , putting our life in His holy hands and saying with courageously .... Jesus I trust you. :

- We pray to the Lord, For our family who is suffering of the lost of their beloved. May the Divine Child give them the perseverance and transform their sadness into the hope.

- We pray to the Lord, for our innocent children martyr, whose we lost in their early age as a rose in bloom. May their martyrdom fructify peace and security for all children in the world.

-We pray to the Lord for our beloved country Syria, for Aleppo, we hope it will recover and rise again. Let the Divine Child grant it peace and voluntary to become beautiful and strong as it was. We offer our grief to the hands of Mary, Mother of Martyrs. May she be our consolation and the balm for our wounds.

During the offertory we bring to the altar:

- Syrian map with the photos of martyrs

In their honourable anniversary, Lord, we present our martyr children, whose blood embraced the beloved Syrian soil and become mixed with it. We present them today submitting to your will and put them between your hands so they live peacefully what they were deprived in their lives on earth and got martyrs to seek peace with you.

- Candles

With these candles, we raise our prayers... our daily supplications ..., for all the sacrifices that our children presented to become love and peace seeds and reconciliation between all parties living in our country and our beloved city.

- The bomb

We present you our fear of all evil bombs that took our lovers and grew the horror in our lives during five years, we offer it to you Lord, to be a motivation to reject all kinds of violence and discrimination against the other.


Aleppo.... our city known throughout history by its civilisation and originality. Today, history records its sever destruction and devastation... we present it to you Lord. Care and help it in its new march towards growth and flourish.

- Peace doves

Blessed who make peace, they are sons of God. Lord, we promise You today to be peace makers wherever we are; in our families.., our job.., our church to deserve to live the peace of God’s sons.

At the end of the Mass father Ibrahim with the responsible of each Christian community gave an envelope with the condolences and a sum of money as the sign of the solidarity offered by Latin community for all families. The silence accompanying the Mass or the distribution express how many pain still dwell our hearts. The tears have not yet dire… we are experiencing the death but more the life because Jesus our life is resurrected.

R.I.P. for the martyrs and the consolation for their families.

Sister Brygida FMM in Aleppo