News - 5 March 2015

en - Women and Ecology

It is often true that women are more attuned to sustenance and the struggle for survival of the human race, especially in third world countries. That is why women are so concerned with the environment. They see the direct connection between health issues and environmental issues. People, their environment and their societies are not inseparable, but rather porous and flexible. We coin the phrase “Mother Earth” when speaking of nature which reflects a feminine, nurturing entity.
Women’s concerns for the health of their families have them directly impacted by the environment as an issue of survival. In a paper edited by Vandana Shiva called “Close to Home. Women Reconnect Ecology, Health and Development”, she relates that diseases arise from either the deprivation of essentials or an excess of non-essentials, meaning erosion or pollution. These become health problems because of the continuity between the earth body and the human body which maintains life.
Awareness is the first step towards a solution. A problem well-defined is a problem half solved.

Sheilah H. Dooley