Prieres - 16 February 2015

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 Our connectedness with creation is beautifully expressed by St. Francis of Assisi when he refers to Sister Moon and Brother Sun, including all creatures as companions in prayer. St. Patrick’s Breastplate is several centuries older and expresses it in similar terms:

“I arise today
Through strength of Heaven
Light of Sun, Radiance of moon,
Swiftness of wind, Depth of the sea,
Stability of earth, firmness of rock”
In a much older Celtic poem “The Song of Amergin” – apparently the first poem written by our Celtic ancestors, the poet says:
“I am a wave of the ocean…
I am a dew drop in the Sun
I am a plant of beauty
I am a boar of valour
I am a salmon in a pool
I am a lake in a plain
I am the strength of art"
When we pray the Benedicite (Canticle of Daniel) we call on all creation to “bless the Lord”. This closeness with nature has been a central part of the spirituality of our forefathers and foremothers.
Today’s world is marked by a split in our relationship with nature. Hence we have wars about resources, abuse of the earth and the fruits of the earth. This alienation leads to inequality, poverty and violence. Let us pray, as we reach into the depths of our faith, that we may reverence creation and with the compassion of Jesus may we take care of our world. May we connect with the divine presence around us as well as within us. As each of us plays her/his part in this holy project, we ask that there may be bread for all humanity and harmony within our universe.