Prieres - 23 January 2014

en - Faith can move us beyond fear

We thank God for the gift of Mohandas Gandhi, whose assassination we remember on Jan. 30, and pray for the grace to continue his legacy of forging social change through nonviolent civil disobedience.

We are grateful, O Prince of Peace, for the witness of Mohandas Gandhi,
who inspired so many to walk the path of nonviolence during the turbulent past century.

We are grateful for Gandhi’s witness of engagement and his teaching that we are all called to participate in confronting injustice and oppression.

We are grateful for Gandhi’s witness of patience and his willingness to work tirelessly for the conversion of hearts, knowing that is the only authentic way to transform structures of sin.

We are grateful for Gandhi’s witness of a living faith that is only fully realized as we live it out in the complexities of the social and political situations of the current day.
We are grateful that Gandhi taught us that Faith can move us beyond fear,
that violence is always a defeat, and that the truth of justice must be proclaimed again and again in the here and the now.

Teach us, O Prince of Peace, your way of love, of compassion, of nonviolence.