Themes - 18 December 2013

en - The Arctic

The consequences of Human Folly


While the inhabitants of the Arctic have done nothing to contribute to the global ecological crisis, they are first in line to suffer the consequences. Greenland is the canary in the coal mine of immense environmental change in the world.


The most obvious crisis is the rapid melting of the ice cap which portends the demise of numerous Arctic species and has made it too dangerous for the local Inuit to pursue traditional hunting for clothing and food. In addition, global winds and sea currents have brought massive amounts of toxic pollution from other countries, causing disease and birth anomalies in both humans and animals who inhabit the area.

This film follows the coming together of top experts on the Arctic, politicians, environmental scientists and religious leaders from Christian, Muslim, Hebrew, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain and Sikh traditions—along with Saami and Inuit leaders—as they draw attention to the environmental changes in Greenland that are already affecting the rest of the planet. At the same time they talk about what can be done to turn things around.


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