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This has been an eventful week for the Dream30. Here’s a quick summary of
the week just in case you’ve missed some of it.
Oh, and for those of you wondering, "Who the heck are the Dream30?" The
Dream30 are a group of young people, Dreamers who presented themselves at the
border crossing in Laredo Texas, on September 30th. They lined up, in
their caps and gowns, asking for permission to be allowed to come back home,
to their families here in the United States. Five of the Dreamers have since
been released, the other 25 remain detained at the El Paso Detention
The week in review.
On Tuesday, 12 of the 25 Dreamers received a second interview, in
detention. This interview was unusual; normally you only get one interview before
the local DHS office decides what they are going to do with you. We were
told by the local DHS office that this interview came at the
"request of Washington D.C." This worries us. It seems that officials in
D.C. are trying to quash this project by making life hard for these
Dreamers, hoping to dissuade others from trying the same thing.
Later that day our worries came true when we heard back on the case of
Rocio and Erika; two of the Dreamers had been denied their interviews,
fast-tracking their deportations. Now, unless the Obama Administration grants
discretion in their cases, both Rocio and Erika, will be deported as early as
next week.
On Wednesday, we were told we wold be hearing from DHS about the
remaining twenty or so Dreamers. The responses never came. The same thing happened
on Wednesday. Today we wait again. DHS is notoriously good at making
decisions on a Friday, hoping to stifle any
cmVhbWFjdGl2aXN0Lm9yZyMhIyE/719/1) media attention.
This week has not been all bad news; so far we’ve gathered nearly 400
pictures of support from around the country. People just like you have been
sending us pictures and just _tagging us on facebook._
ib29rLmNvbS9kcmVhbWFjdGl2aXN0Lm9yZyMhIyE/719/1) The pictures have been
great; they’ve been helping us realize how big this movement really is.
On Wednesday, Luis Gutierrez issued a statement, which he posted onto his
facebook wall. The statement wasn’t exactly what we were asking for but
it’s better than nothing. "Dreamers, moms and friends of those in detention
as part of the group called "the Dream 30" have contacted me and I want to
express my support for their release."
On Thursday, the famous civil rights leader, John Lewis, also
huLUxld2lzLUFza3MtT2JhbWEtdG8tQnJpbmctRHJlYW0zMC1Ib21lIyEjIQ/719/1) came
out in support of the #Dream30. In _his letter to President Obama_
huLUxld2lzLUFza3MtT2JhbWEtdG8tQnJpbmctRHJlYW0zMC1Ib21lIyEjIQ/719/1) he
said: "I hope that you will continue to exercise your discretion and grant
humanitarian parole to these deserving young people so that they may return
home to resume their pursuit of the American Dream."
Time is of the essence for the Dream30; the letters of support from the
Members of Congress are super important. The more members we can get on the
record in favor of the Dream30, the better chance we have of ensuring the
Obama Administration will BringThemHome. We are hoping we can end this week
with a _letter of support from the entire Congressional Hispanic Caucus._
SMh/719/1) Individual members of the caucus have come out in support, but
never before have we had the entire caucus come out in favor.
Elaine can you help us BringThemHome by taking a minute to _sign this
2NoYy8jISMh/719/1) after you sign it would be immensely helpful if you
share the petition on facebook with a quick message for your friends to also
sign. Each time someone signs the petition a message is sent to the White
House, as well as several DHS contacts. The more messages they get the more
of a priority they make the Dream30.
Thank you for your support.
Lizbeth Mateo
P.S. In July I was part of the Dream9, a similar group who had crossed in
order to come home. Your support is what allowed me to be released; now I
am in my first year of law school at Sana Clara. Your taking a minute to
help really can make a difference.


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