News - 22 September 2013

en - Non-violent responses to SYRIA

  •   Pax Christi response to the crisis in Syria: On September 9, several folks visited the offices of every member of the U.S. Congress and hand-delivered a letter from Marie Dennis, co-president of Pax Christi International. If you are on Twitter, go to which is promoting the following tweet: Create #zones_of_peace #nonviolent_answers_exist. Dont attack Syria
  •  Office for Global Concerns on Syria: On Non-violent Answers Exist: ‘People of faith respond to threats of military strike on Syria’ go to,
  •  From the Diocese of Davenport, using Social Teaching of the Church, go to
  •  Adolfo Esquivel’s letter to President Obama, go to (in Spanish) to stop the impending war in Syria and for Peace. For the original letter in Spanish, go to – ‘Carta al presidente de los Estados Unidos’ de Esquivel.

 Human Rights situation in Venezuela, go to (Spanish)