News - 27 May 2013

en - Kidnapped Assumptionist

After 8 months, still no information on 3 kidnapped Assumptionist priests. And the list of kidnappings continues…!


It is now already 8 months, to the day, that three Assumptionist priests were kidnapped at Mbau in the territory of Beni. It was on October 19, 2012 around 9:00 pm. We are in the North-Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo about 350 km north of Goma. !


The situation is only getting worse. There isn’t a week that the population doesn’t register other kidnappings always by armed men who are not otherwise identified.


No later than yesterday, but a few meters from the parish where the Assumptionists priests were kidnapped, 15 persons were kidnapped around 8:00 pm, when some military personnel of the government forces have their camp but a few meters away. Not far from there also is the camp of the Monusco. Among the persons kidnapped, there are 8 young girls and two women with their two new born children. One of these young mothers who was kidnapped with her father, Beatrice, was the cook of the Assumptionist priests who were kidnapped earlier.


Despite this climate of tension and terror, the Assumptionists have not left the parish. For, they say, if they are religious it is for and with this tortured people !


In the South of the diocese, at Luofu (we are at about 200 km north of Goma) in another parish, the Assumptionist priests also live in anxiety. They have been surrounded on one side by the FDLR-Interahamwe and on the other by a group of mai mai, a group of native rebels hostile to any military presence of neighboring countries.


In the name of the population, the Assumptionist Fathers very active in this diocese launch an appeal to all Christians and to all persons of good will in these terms: Pray for us, for this population which only wants peace ! We entreat your psychological and material support. We need you for we are tired !


Emmanuel Kahindo Kihugho