Themes - 20 May 2013

en - Bulletin "Paths of Justice and Peace"

“May the God of peace make you ready to do his will in any kind of good actions”. Heb. 13:20-21

Peace is a gift from God, giver of all good. He is Peace and He gives it to us freely as long as we desire it and search for it with sincerity.

Peace is a gift that we have to assume, to welcome and to live with tenacity and responsibility since it is not given to us only but to help us to create spaces of peace in the different circumstances of our everyday life.

This is what peace asks from us:

  •  To welcome God’s will always with a wide and universal view.
  •  To look for the common good before our own comfort, thoughts or desires.
  •  To respect, to value and to protect life in those instances where it is threatened or ignored.
  •  To have Justice, Truth and Love as gospel criteria to enlighten our decisions and options.
  •  To keep a serene openness and a constant discernment towards the circumstances where we may discover the project of salvation inserted into our hearts and into the history of our world.
  • To commit ourselves in the construction of fraternal relations based in justice, pardon and reconciliation.

! BUILDERS OF PEACE ¡ A challenge that makes as Blessed. From the message of Pope Benedict XVI

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