Celebration - 2013

en - A Macro-Ecumenical Meditation Inspired by Maya spirituality.

On 22nd April we celebrate the International Day of the Earth. Many native peoples remind us of what should be a just relationship with “Mother Earth” – one full of respect, love and, even, reverence. This could inspire our vision today, our attitudes and our actions.


(If possible the altar should be “dressed” while the meditation is being read. The altar is in the form of a cross.)

he Maya Indians would come in procession towards the four corners of Mother Earth (the four cardinal points) while they lit the incense and lighted the candles as they came to the East, West, North and South. In the Maya’s picture of the universe the world is divided into these four parts, in the form of a cross. Each corner with its own color.

  • RED is for the East (Orient) where the Sun and Life are born. The Orient symbolizes the Author of life and Red the” life that comes from God”. Its number is One.
  • BLACK is the West (Occident) where the sun dies. It is there that the day comes to an end, and in a way, existence and life too. This place of night is when men and women sleep and, in a way anticipate what will be death. It is also the place of evil of all sorts, but can be a good time for thinking too and for making all kinds of decisions. Black is number Two.
  • WHITE symbolizes the North, the place from which comes cold, the icy wind which kills the crops and life. It is from the north that the white man comes, he who has caused the death of the Mayas. It carries the number Three.
  • YELLOW is the South, the Pacific Ocean, symbol of abundance and prosperity and complete perfection. Four is the number which emphasizes its totality.
  • At the centre of the Cross springs the life of the Maya people. GREEN is the color of this place, symbol of life in its abundance both for the crops and for human beings.

… The participants are invited to come into a circle round the cross (the altar) After the introduction they are asked to turn first of all towards the Orient: (the reader)

Sun of our lives, Strength and Hope, you who became light, color, seed and growth You, Original energy, be in us a spring of deep desire to be in communion with life of the infinite, that life which never ends.

The West: (the reader)

Source of Life, Author from age to age, always young, we give you thanks for all the time that you give to us for life, for work and for rest.
It is from you that we have the joy to give ourselves and to renew our strength each night. Help us to give freely what we have received freely.

The North (the reader)

Enigma of the ages, Mystery of History, you who ease the suffering of the innocent and leave in human hands the responsibility of History, all its crimes as well as all its wonderful successes.
Lighten our consciences with your light, make them able to hear you voice to dare to condemn what is wrong and give us the energy to fight and the strength to make union between all.

The South(the reader)

Gentle breeze, Hope of the poor, Strength of those who suffer, Union of the little ones Utopia of rebels, Universal solidarity. You are the one who helps the weak , wakes up the resigned and makes the poor get up. Help us to create with you a world without masters and lords, without slaves or oppressed. A world of liberty and dignity. The world of the new man and woman.

All turn to the centre of the circle and each one places their right hand on the shoulder of their neighbor.


When we look towards the centre our gaze makes us aware of our selves, while our look on the one on whom we have placed our hand lights up the love that makes us one. We are not alone, we are a multitude and we march together. From now on we are one and we form a community both before and after death, here below and there above. We are a universal fraternity, closely side by side to the extent that we feel, with all the other beings, set out together on the same boat, for the same adventure, towards the same Home in the great family which is the new humanity.