Prieres - 8 November 2012

en - ADVENT 2012 with Vivat International

Dear Friends,
At this time of Advent we are encouraged once again to reflect on the depth of our Christian Story and its significance for our lives, our communities and our world.
We, the Irish Congregations who are members of VIVAT INTERNATIONAL (see the list on the previous page) have, for the first time, come together to produce some Advent reflections for our members, co-workers and friends. We hope it gives all of us an opportunity to pray for the needs of our world as we read and reflect on the work being done by VIVAT members in various countries.
May these Advent reflections and prayers become flesh in our lives. May they enrich our interactions with one another and with creation around us. May they awaken us to the global realities of justice and injustice, bravery and despair, integrity and corruption and enable us to find new and creative expressions of mission in our responses to the needs of our world today.
As VIVAT members we have a support structure in place to advocate and lobby for people made poor by global injustice. We can show our support for the women and men whose talents are not recognized by Church and/or Governments around the world. We can offer support through creative use of the Internet, to individuals and communities who try to build a better world. Through our voice and our vote we can exercise personal and communal responsibility so that the values of Jesus may direct our lives and our lifestyles. As VIVAT members we have enjoyed preparing this booklet together. It has been an exercise in implementing, in some
small way, the values of collaboration, solidarity and missionary support. We hope you find creative ways to do likewise at your local level.
May you have a reflective Advent and a very happy Christmas,
Carmen Lee SSpS
John Kilcrann CSSp
Bride Counihan LSA
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