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Towards famine, genocide and insurgency growth

GLOBAL MINING TRENDS the rich richer and the poor poorer
Towards famine, genocide, and insurgency growth
There are two global and three Philippine trends in mining, which are very disturbing because they make the rich richer and the poor poorer, leading to famine, genocide, and insurgency growth in Third World countries.
On the global side, first, multinationals are getting larger and larger and more powerful through mergers of giants and the sales of stocks to the general public, whose money may constitute as much as 60 to 70 percent of total equity. In Midsalip in Mindanao, a Canadian TVI mining project was thumbed down by stockholders in their meeting in London after a Subanen chieftain reported TVI’s environment and human rights crimes. Stockholders are normally not aware of the evils their companies do in other countries.
Second, powerful multinationals are now able to easily usurp and manipulate Third World governments, such as Peru, Mexico, and right here, even Australia (not Third World). They can change laws and policies to their favor to the detriment of locals, who are helpless to protest and stop this global trend.
On Philippine mining trends, first, the Philippines has been identified by giant multinationals as a prime mining target, which may lead to wide-scale displacement of locals in the millions, and the dramatic decline of our agricultural economy. Second, for some strange reasons, all Philippine presidents since the post-American period have all sided with powerful foreign multinationals. Noynoy is but one. Sadly, we have never had a president who is truly pro-Filipino. All of them are and were pro-themselves and pro-foreigner.
The third trend is the most disturbing. If you look at an MGB map of large scale mines in the entire Cordillera, and overlay it with a DND map of military presence in the same area, you can see a correlation. The military is indeed a mercenary for large scale mining. Juxtapose this against the ever-increasing integration of people’s protests in the Cordillera, and you will see that we are headed for one big war, people, NGOs, Church, and rebels on one side, multinationals, soldiers and government on the other.
Just as multinational power has grown, people’s power has also grown. In the Cordillera is the evolving formation of BAMPIS, acronym for Benguet – Abra – Moutain Province – Ilocos Sur, the largest-yet coalition of locals in the entire region opposing large scale mining. This escalation on both sides means the mining industry and the Malacanang-Multinational Partnership will eventually induce famine, insurgency growth and one big genocide of our IPs and agrarian communities. This is especially true in the Cordillera, Palawan, and Mindanao, which are rich in mineral resources. Just as Iraq and Iran are targets of American multinationals for oil, we are targets of mining multinationals for our gold, copper, and nickel – our wealth that will ironically make us poor, and even kill us, unless we are able to successfully convince the Malacanang-Multinational Partnerhsip to consider Filipinos rather than foreigners in their mining policies.
Xstrata-SMI’s Tampakan caper is the most dramatic realization of this trend if Noynoy approves its ECC. It has the capability to induce famine, insurgency and genocide in four provinces with their complex common watershed flowing into six rivers, which will all be affected on a vast scale by Xstrata-SMI’s mega-tailings dam and acid-forming open pit vacuum. See link below for a photos. Also in the same link is a map obtained from the Cordillera People’s Alliance (CPA) showing the relationship between mining, both in the mountains and offshore (magnetite) and militarization. Just click on the link –
This article has been emailed to Malacanang, NCIP, CHR, DENR, MGB, CBCP, NASSA, Chamber of Mines, British Parliament and Embassy, Xstrata-SMI, other concerned mining firms, various national and international NGOs, local and national print media, and 7,000 plus Internet mine watchers. Please pass.
Bernie Lopez
eastwind journals
Opinyon Magazine, August 13, 2012