News - 18 July 2011

en - European JPIC Commissions

Meeting of the European JPIC Commissions in Rome

We gathered in Genzano from the 7 – 9 April 2011 for the second meeting of the European JPIC commissions, with the participation also of some sisters from the International JPIC Secretariat.

Now, so close to the next General Chapter, it was very important to see the steps that have been taken in our commitment with regard to migration and to discuss how the European policies and their laws, depending on how they are applied in the different countries, have a profound effect on the life of individuals and families.

Networking, among ourselves also, encourages us to go further, together and with others, giving the primacy to persons and their dignity in these times of xenophobia and of economic crisis and in which there is also a crisis of values. This crisis is exacerbated by family policies that do not promote ’family reunion’ for those who have struggled and who are dreaming of being able to enjoy more human relations with their children.
It was an opportunity to look, with sadness, at the experiences we have in France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and Spain, thus bringing us close to the reality of this question. The meetings of the commissions are becoming spaces of reflection, training, comparing notes, strengthening relations between ourselves, and also the animation of the mission. We also took time to share ’something’ of the life of our sisters in Tunisia, Madagascar, DR Congo, Burkina Faso and Vietnam.

With regard to the future, we are aware of the need for a work method that would include:
- tools for a critical analysis that would help us to interpret from a global perspective what we are experiencing locally and to transmit it boldly;
- discernment of the mission, in the Light of our Charism and spirituality;
- integrate work with an ecumenical, inter-religious and inter-cultural dimension, this among ourselves and with others.

They were very full days, animated by our missionary passion during this harsh and difficult time, which is also a time of grace.

O.E.A: Myriam Collon, Jacqueline Verheecke, Marie Alexaline, Colette Billet, Marie Annick Manchon
Anglo-Celtic: Ann Thomas and Ethna Grant
Europa Sur-Africa: Júlia Sanchez, Carminda Jorge, Camilla Bottero, Consuelo Palomar, Mª Victoria Vallés
International JPIC Secretariat: Franca Sessa, Isabelle Destray, Carmen Chumillas