Ressources - 15 July 2011

en - Beyond the genocidal concept of tribal homelands

on the East African federation

Mahmood Mamdani addresses two fundamental questions for the East African Federation : - who is indigenous? and from that flows the question is citizenship ethnic or territorial? and who has the right to land?
Mamdani is the director of the Makerere Institute of Socail Research.’East Africa has two post-colonial traditions of citizenship’, writes Mahmood Mamdani: territorial and ethnic. If the region is to have a political federation, it will need to be based on a common citizenship, he argues: ’Which one will it be?’

Those who call for unity in Africa have tended to follow a model – the European Union. The AU was self-consciously modelled after EU, including both name and acronym.

Today, developments in Greece, Spain, Ireland and others should make us rethink. Instead of seeing the EU as a model, we need to see it as an experience from which to draw lessons, both positive and negative.

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