Divers - 2011

en - Out of this devastation

Can we take the urgent action needed

To anyone who continues to deny the reality of climate change I dare you to go to the islands of the Pacific, the islands of the Caribbean, the islands of the Indian ocean and see the impacts of rising sea levels, to the mountainous regions of the Himalayas and the Andes to see communities confronting glacial floods, to the Arctic where communities grapple with the fast dwindling polar ice caps, to the large deltas of the Mekong, the Ganges, the Amazon, and the Nile where lives and livelihoods are drowned, to the hills of Central America that confronts similar monstrous hurricanes, to the vast savannas of Africa where climate change has likewise become a matter of life and death as food and water become scarce. Not to forget the massive hurricanes in the gulf of mexico and the eastern seaboard of North America. And of that is not enough, you may want to pay a visit to the Philippines right now,

From a speech made by Yeb Sano the Filipino delegate at the UN climate conference in Warsaw. November 2013