Ressources - 15 January 2011

en - Website for the Jubilee Debt Campaign

This site is a mine of information on the role of debt in today’s world. The organisation based in the UK, campaigns for greater justice and the cancellation of much of the developing countries debt as well as campaigning against new debt in places like Pakistan. Haiti, South Sudan etc
Topics cover, the financial crisis, vulture funds, climate debt, `private debt, public pain’, role of the World Bank and IMF amongst other things

"Thank you all for what the Jubilee movement worldwide has done to ensure that poor countries like mine do not have to choose between the life of a child dying of a preventable disease and the servicing of an external debt that, ultimately, is not payable anyway."

President Benjamin Mkapa of Tanzania



1. Why should we drop the debt?
Debts should be cancelled because they are unjust in terms of their origin, and also because they worsen poverty.


2. How big is the debt of poor countries?
The poorest 48 countries have debts totalling US $168 billion, whilst for the poorest 128 countries, it is over US $3.7 trillion.


3. Where did the debt come from?
Much of the debt of poor countries is left over from the 1970s - and often arose through reckless or self-interested lending by the rich world. ; for further information , questions and answers