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2. History of JPIC Commission of the Union of Superiors General of Men and Women Religious (USG/UISG)
In 1974 the two Unions structured their collaboration by forming a Joint Working Group of Justice and Peace. Collaboration took place with the Pontifical Commission for Justice and Peace. The Joint Working group became more formalised as the Justice and Peace Commission of the USG/UISG in 1982. The title of the Commission was later extended to Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Commission of the USG/UISG.
In 1993 after consultation with the Executive Councils of the USG the UISG a full-time executive secretary was appointed. The secretariat serves the joint Commission on Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation of the Union of Superiors General (Institutes of men) and the International Union of Superiors General (Institutes of women).

The purpose of the Commission is to promote greater awareness, clearer analysis and more effective action in the area of JPIC for USG/UISG members. Through the JPIC office, the Commission offers the following services: documentation, seminars, urgent action campaigns, and support for JPIC promoters and connection with a variety of groups and organizations.

Networking: The Commission networks with many organizations that have similar objectives including: SEDOS, AEFJN, South Sudan project, Catholic Inspired NGOs, UN Decade for Peace, Caritas Internationalis, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and in a particular way with the English and Spanish/Portuguese JPIC Promoter’s groups. The JPIC Promoters groups also have working groups with which the Commission works. They are the Economic Justice Group, whose 2009 Lenten Fairtrade Solidarity Campaign (at: is being launched today; the UN-ONG working group whose individual religious institutes are doing advocacy work at the United Nations (UN); Catholic Social Teaching group and the Migrant group. The latter are focusing on having the International Convention on Migration and their families signed into law in countries around the world.