News - 8 January 2011

en - JPIC NEWSBRIEF – No. 01 – December 2010

1. International Group of the JPIC Promoters in Rome

1.1. JPIC Plan for 2010-2013 of the JPIC Commision of the USG and UISG:  The JPIC Commission met to evaluate and renew their three year plan with the support of several JPIC International Promoters based in Rome. It was recognized that the principle work of JPIC animation is to help incorporate JPIC into the life and ministry of consecrated life. The four strategic directions – promoting the Centrality of JPIC, enabling Professional Development, keeping the Commission in Focus and establishing Partnerships – were confirmed as still relevant for the coming years. Many initiatives developed as a result of the original plan are still ongoing, including formation for new JPIC promoters and regular seminars on relevant JPIC themes. Additionally the Commission is offering to organize an ongoing formation session for the Superior Generals in 2011/2012. A JPIC ‘Guidelines booklet’ will be developed to help promoters with their job. It is hoped to establish a ‘think tank’ of the Commission to support Superior Generals in discerning the social role of religious institutes in the world today.

1.2 Catholic Social Teaching Booklet: The booklet “Guide us in your Justice: A formation itinerary for a prophetic Religious Life’ is available in 5 languages and costs €5.00 Euro. Please contact Sr María Josefina Sordo Linares at: For info go to:

1.3 JPIC Africa Group – Training & Communications
One more JPIC training session for JPIC promoters will take place in Africa.
• JPIC Formation Session, Namibia: From January 9-22, 2011, in Doebra, Maria Regina Oblate House in Windhoek. Contact Sr Helena at: and/or Sr Toni at
For more information, contact: 
JPIC –Africa Group :
USG/UISG JPIC Commission
Blog of participants : 

2. Around the World

2.1.JPIC Hong Kong: the JPIC Commission of the Catholic Archdiocese organized a public way of the cross with the theme of religious freedom. ‘Hong Kong censors the Way of the Cross for Persecuted’: Go to: ; They also called for the immediate release of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Liu Xiaobo. The commission’s appeal is seconded by other Christian groups and Catholic leaders. Go to –

2.2. International Year of Forests 2010/2011: Key events related to this international year can be accessed at

2.3 Democratic Republic of the Congo, 1993–2003 – Report documenting the most serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law committed within the territory of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
In English:
In French:
2.4 Candidature of François HOUTART for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize,– for more information go to –

3. Useful Resources
3.1 World Food Day Papal Message (October 15): go to
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Spanish -
3.2 Exhibition on human trafficking called "Journey" in The Hague: go to
3.3 Human trafficking trends in East Africa : a study reveals that the capitals of Kenya and Tanzania are the region’s main magnet for children and adults tricked into exploitative labour including prostitution: