Théologie - Bible - 11 octobre 2010

fr - India, Education as a means to end the cycle of violence

“The earth is not a place of exile but a place for the glory of God “, said st. Marie Eugenie Milleret. As a coin has two sides, so our mother earth manifests two faces. One face is that of a dolorous woman who endures the pain of carrying a troublesome child (The broken world) in her womb. The other face is that of a courageous, triumphant woman who is waiting in hope to deliver a wonderful child (a transformed world).

The world was resourceful, prosperous, integrated and peaceful when it was created. Nonetheless, the humanity started experiencing a rapid transition in the course of history and we are now living in a troubled world. It is seemingly a world of exile where people suffer from violence, terrorism, fight, war, hatred, explosion, bombast ; killing, etc .Excessive nationalism creates tension and destroys national unity. Competition, oppression, injustice, disunity and so on characterize our social, economic and political spheres.

There are various ecological problems that are threatening the very survival of human beings. The earth is undergoing a severe environmental crisis. Because of industrialization and greed for power and wealth , a number of threats like pollutions(air, water, noise), loss of ‘biological diversity’, deforestation, soil erosion, flood, depletion of ground water, accumulation of garbage and industrial waste, pesticides, global warming etc are some of the environmental problems which have adverse effect on human life especially the human health.
Injustices are observed in almost all the spheres of human life. Violence, oppression, denial of equal rights to women, to the poor and the marginalized sections of society are still a reality.

Scientific and technological advancement favour only 20% people of the upper class.The remaining 80% hardly benefit from it due to the high price of commodities. Quite a number of people still live in poverty, suppression and unemployment. On the other hand, our mother earth provided humanity with pure air and pure water free of cost. Now these are highly polluted .Due to the pollution, pure drinking water is now a commercial commodity to be bought from the shops. The poor people can not afford it and thus their health is being affected. Medical care is also denied to them due to their inability to meet the expenses. As a result, we bear the consequences of ecological imbalance and diseases. In short, the world is moving towards disaster. It is high time for all of us to be awakened and to save our mother earth from precarious conditions. Education is the best means to re-establish justice, peace, integrity and solidarity (JPICS) and to end the cycle of violence. Teachers have a great role to play in the transformation of the world into ‘ New Heaven’ where there will be freedom, justice, unity, love, care and compassion among the people.. Teachers can be agents and catalysts to liberate the humanity from the calamitous conditions. They can achieve it through formal and non-formal education in the classrooms on the campus and in the surroundings.


Sr. Therese Koottiyaniyil
 Assumption Sisters, Pala, Kottayam (Dt), Kerala, India.
Place : Pala