Projets - 11 octobre 2010

fr - Brazil, Umburanas Community Development project

Bride Counihan is a Little Sister of the Assumption, sent on mission to Brazil by the Anglo-Celtic Province. She arrived in the semi-desert region of Bahia in 1995. Since then she has remained in this region, first in Capim Grosso and now in Umburanas.

This region of the North East of Brazil suffers greatly from drought. The lack of water, aggravated by neglect on the part of the public bodies, has caused increasing desertification of the soil, with the resultant exodus of the people in search of better conditions of life.

By being close to the daily realities of life in Umburanas town and in the rural villages, Bride has experienced at first-hand the struggle for survival, especially the suffering of the people when they have to leave their native land because of lack of water. She understood that change would be possible by encouraging a journey of the people together in community, which would enable the people to unite and awaken their energies to work for change. The first nucleos was the Missionary Community of Umburanas, founded in 2001. This community worked to develop a community spirit, and to involve the people in a process of change of their reality. One of the first important objectives was work on the crisis of water, learning to live with the resources and the limits of nature. In the town, the work centred on campaigning for a more just distribution of public water, leading eventually to the end of the privatization of public water. In the rural areas, water cisterns were build, serving to harvest rain water in the short rainly season. New life sprung up in Umburanas.