Environmental Spirituality - 28 septembre 2010

fr - Conclusion

The environment has always been a subject of interest for philosophers, scientists, educators and poets. Environment and spirituality are interconnected in the sense that a good environment is essential for the deepening of spiritual life. A good spirituality enables us to find beauty, goodness and greatness in the nature and in all the living and non-living things of the world around us. All living things affect the environment and are affected by conditions, interaction and changes in the environment.

It is the task of every human being, especially of the ‘inter-religious people’, to conserve energy, resources and to maintain a wholesome environment. Environmental spirituality is a solid and common basis of inter-religious dialogue because all are met with common challenges of the deteriorisation of natural resources, poverty and widespread pollution of the environment because of the increase of technology, industrialization, cultural development, human domination, greed for wealth and power. It is our urgent task to respond to these challenges and to commit ourselves in all levels of environmental problems and to work towards the resolutions of environmental crises.

Beautiful and attractive environment makes the universe splendid and facilitates the discovery of God and leads to deep communion with the divine, the Absolute Reality.