Environmental Spirituality - 28 septembre 2010

fr - Distracting Factors to Environmental Spirituality

There are various factors distracting the environmental spirituality. The air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, chemical pollution, soil pollution are some of the examples. Pollution is an undesirable change in the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of air, water, soil or food that can adversely affect the health, survival or activities of human or other living organisms.

Modern technology and the increased industrialization cause increase in carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere. Air is found everywhere and it gets polluted not only by natural causes like volcanic activity, dust etc. but also by man made causes. The gas has an insulating effect. Nitrogen oxides stun growth and cause nasal irritation, breathing discomfort and lower resistance to diseases.

The sound created by too many vehicles on roads, celebration of festivals, sound of stereos in cassettes, playing of radios with high volumes, sound of machineries inside the factories etc., have adverse effects and result in fatal diseases.
Water is vital element of people. Pure water is necessity of life. Industrial waste products deposited in river and lakes create water pollution.
Chemicals on crops cause food poisoning diseases and the radioactive waste caused by nuclear weapon and atomic explosion result in disabled bodies. Moreover, the quantity and fertility of soil is diminished by the use of insecticide. Cutting of trees causes increased soil erosion, irregularity in seasonal cycle and affect agricultural work due to irregular rainfall.

Our Inter-religious Tasks

 Our responses to the challenges of the present situations become an inter-religious task and this calls for an environmental education. First and foremost are should become aware of the environmental problems, which is a threat to the quality of life and especially to the spiritual and physical health. Everyone, especially the inter-religious men and women, have the responsibility of working towards a better world. This can be achieved in many ways. Some concrete suggestions are given below.

  • Provide skills and attitude among people, especially the children and youngsters, by educating them to conserve nature and natural resources.
  • Give re-education of the values of interconnectedness among human beings, in their culture and biophysical surroundings.
  • Show concern for the environmental protection and improvement.
  • Encourage and motivate school children to write projects on environment and develop in them the abilities to prevent pollutions of all kinds.
  • Provide opportunities to the young and old at home to commit themselves for the improvement of the quality of their environment.
  • Motivate them not to waste food, water and other material resources.
  • Create widespread awareness about pollutions and emphasize biological pest control instead of chemical pesticides.
  • Support healthy environment and decent living conditions
  • Have access to safe, pure drinking water and keep the water from being polluted. Give awareness and understanding of the environmental pollution in the society.
  • Reflect individuality and in groups, the inadequacy of modern development namely, the pollution explosion, pollution of our surroundings, nuclear weapons and biological and chemical destruction.
  • Appreciate the values of interrelatedness among human beings and their biophysical surroundings.
  • Develop a holistic perspective in ecological social and cultural development.
  • Create time, place and space that are conducive to experience God personally.