Projets - 11 octobre 2010

fr - Tanzania, Singida,

Singida is a semi-arid area experiencing frequent droughts which contribute to poverty among the majority of the population in the area. Outreach international-Singida Tanzania opened a centre in 2008 in Singida town and one of our sisters, Sr Hildegarda, r.a, is working with them as the manager of the Singida Children and Community Centre, which caters for 350 children.

 The average income in this area is $2 a day. Many of the street children have lost parents to AIDS or other illnesses but some of them have parents, but the parents have been forced to make the impossible choices of turning out one or more children into the streets because they can’t provide for all the members of the family. The street children steal and adapt to unhealthy life style to survive in the streets. The aim of this project is to assist children who live in dangerous situations.

The vision of this organization is to see the children back to their families and back to school like any other child. Some children have run away from their families because of poverty and others due to dysfunctional families. Once in a while there are workshops for the parents and the guardians of these children. The NGO give one meal a day to children from different schools and from the streets. They care for children of all kinds ; poor families, orphans, the disabled, those who are living with HIV/AIDS. The centre also offers spiritual education (Lutheran, Catholic, Muslim), moral formation, health care and preservation of the environment. They are taught how to relate with their Creator and with other creatures. Through this support children have learnt to be in solidarity with others by sharing the little they have. They are helped to understand that they get a meal everyday because someone has sacrificed something from his/her income. With the scarcity of water in the area they have learnt to utilize water well by using waste water on the flowers and trees in their centre. They also learn to avoid wasting the soap and other basic items they are provided with. This charitable service rendered to the children has given them tranquility of mind and heart, and generally it is preparing them to be self-reliant people in the future. The children are getting healthier with every meal they receive and every drink of clean water they take. For most of them this one meal given by Outreach International is the only food they have per day. There is need for more help because this is a very small percentage being assisted. Many children in this area die below the age of 5 years because of lack of proper nutrition and medication. Water is a big problem which forces people to walk long distances in search of this commodity. The area is therefore hit by communicable diseases all the time. This service has helped many to come out of their helplessness. Though the centre is meant to be for children it has opened the doors for senior citizens and those living with HIV/AIDS, some of them are the guardians of these children. The Outreach International is working hand in hand with the ministries of Education, Health and Social services.

By Hildagarda Theresia ra,
Manager Singida Children and Community Centre.

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