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en - Human rights at the heart of the christian spirituality

Themes - 19 December 2013

Those who live out an authentic spirituality of human rights pose a radical challenge to the individualism, exploitation, and abuse of authority which are rampant in our world. Following the guideline put forward by Jesus (Mt 18:15-16), those who are defending people’s human rights aim to have constructive dialogue with politicians, governments, and Church leaders, and also to influence public opinion in society and in the Church.
How can we live up to this (...)

fr - Les droits humains au coeur de la spiritualité chrétienne

Themes - 19 décembre 2013

Ceux qui vivent en pratique une spiritualité authentique des droits de l’homme, remettent radicalement en question l’individualisme, l’exploitation et l’abus d’autorité qui se propagent dans notre monde. Si l’on suit les lignes directrices mises en avant par Jésus (Mt 18,15-16), ceux qui défendent les droits des êtres humains aspirent à avoir un dialogue constructif avec les politiciens, les gouvernements, les responsables ecclésiaux, et à influencer l’opinion publique dans la société et dans l’Eglise. (...)

en - The Arctic

Themes - 18 December 2013

The consequences of Human Folly
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es - Compromiso en la PAH (Plataforma con l@s afectad@s por la Hipoteca)

Themes - 11 de diciembre de 2013

La VIVIENDA, es actualmente cuestión de “Vida o Muerte” para innumerables familias trabajadoras y de la clase media baja, inmigrantes y autóctonas, que se encuentran en un callejón sin salida: La Crisis, el Paro, la imposibilidad de seguir pagando la Hipoteca, la CALLE.
Nuestro trabajo iniciado a raíz del 15 de Mayo de 2011, va adquiriendo impulso y motivación, cohesión y fuerza para intentar responder a la injusticia intolerable de la pérdida de la vivienda, sin consideración alguna a la (...)

es - Crear redes es crear nuevas relaciones

Themes - 26 de noviembre de 2013

Hacer redes es crear nuevas relaciones. Relaciones que se refieren a la interacción y a la inserción en la comunidad humana, esto es la “polis”– como señaló Hannah Arendt en su libro “La condición humana” (1958): “La polis no es Atenas sino los atenienses”. Crear nuevas relaciones y hacer amigos es una subversión de todos los mecanismos de toma de decisiones y de control. Se trata de adoptar modelos de organización que viabilicen la conversión de competición en cooperación. Segundo Arendt, “La (...)

en - Why deny climate change?

Themes - 16 August 2013

In this month’s briefing, our Global Security Consultant, Paul Rogers, asks: Are extreme weather events getting more frequent or is it more the case that, when they do occur, their effects are worse? He shows that climate disruption can only be prevented in the long-term by urgent action in the short-term.
Oxford Research Group’s work on ‘sustainable security’ is centred on four trends that are likely to influence international and intra-national conflict in the coming decades – climate (...)

en - News for Migrants in USA

Themes - 30 June 2013
Yesterday was a historic day.
As you may have heard, the US Senate passed an immigration reform bill with a vote of 68 to 32.
This is a huge development, and everyone from media pundits to political figures will be analyzing the bill in the next few days.
But do you know what’s actually in the bill? click on the link above to find out
Along with partner organization CultureStrike, (...)

en - Bulletin "Paths of Justice and Peace"

Themes - 20 May 2013

“May the God of peace make you ready to do his will in any kind of good actions”. Heb. 13:20-21
Peace is a gift from God, giver of all good. He is Peace and He gives it to us freely as long as we desire it and search for it with sincerity.
Peace is a gift that we have to assume, to welcome and to live with tenacity and responsibility since it is not given to us only but to help us to create spaces of peace in the different circumstances of our everyday life.
This is what peace asks from (...)

en - `The World cannot wait’

Themes - 9 December 2012

"The world cannot wait - climate change is happening!"
Statement from the World Council of Churches
This statement from the World Council of Churches was made at the recent climate conference at Dohar, Qatar calling on people of faith to unite in the face of the challenge of climate chaos which is already happening
...........`We are living on a finite world with finite resources and within given planetary boundaries making obviously that infinite growth in consumption of energy and (...)

en - The People’s Summit

Themes - 15 October 2012

Franca Sessa (International JPIC Secretariat) and Marcia Ferreira (JPIC commission of the nucleo of Brazil) participated in the People’s Summit that was held in Aterro do Flamengo from the 15 to 23 June 2012, at the same time as the Rio+20 Conference; it was the occasion for an alternative debate on the same theme: “Sustainable Development”.
The Fathers of the Assumption welcomed us very fraternally. The fact that their house is near the place where the People’s Summit was held (...)