Environmental Spirituality

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fr - Ethique environnementale : A l’école des Traditions culturelles

Environmental Spirituality - 12 novembre 2019

« Ecoute plus souvent
Les Choses que les Êtres
La Voix du Feu s’entend,
Entends la Voix de l’Eau.
Ecoute dans le Vent
Le Buisson en sanglots :
C’est le Souffle des ancêtres. »1
Ces vers du poète Birago Diop nous invitent à l’écoute de la nature et plus incisivement à l’écoute de la nature comme notre Sœur, notre Mère. Qu’entendons-nous quand nous faisons silence ? Elle émet des gémissements, des cris, des pleurs… : « Cette sœur crie en raison des dégâts que nous lui causons par l’utilisation (...)

fr - The Interconnectedness of environment and spirituality

Environmental Spirituality - 28 septembre 2010

Environment is the natural situation around living being which affects the existence, growth, development and activities of living beings. It includes both the living and the non-living surroundings in the world. It is the physical and biological surroundings of human species. Man is the most dynamic element in the ecosystem. Spiritually is the state of being spiritual. Spiritual is anything pertaining to God, to God’s spirit, to sacred matters etc. Environmental spirituality is an (...)

fr - Enhancing Factors of Environmental Spirituality

Environmental Spirituality - 28 septembre 2010

Silence and contemplation are the two main factors enhancing environmental spirituality. Contemplation requires silence of body and mind. Drawn by the divine, Ravindranath Tagore said. “ I ask for a moment’s indulgence to sit by thy side. The work that I have in hand I will finish after wards” (Gitanjali,5) This is the most effective moment of spiritual life.
Some people are naturally awoke to the presence of God in creation and at the heart of every being and enter quite naturally in (...)

fr - Distracting Factors to Environmental Spirituality

Environmental Spirituality - 28 septembre 2010

There are various factors distracting the environmental spirituality. The air pollution, water pollution, sound pollution, chemical pollution, soil pollution are some of the examples. Pollution is an undesirable change in the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of air, water, soil or food that can adversely affect the health, survival or activities of human or other living organisms.
Modern technology and the increased industrialization cause increase in carbon (...)

fr - Conclusion

Environmental Spirituality - 28 septembre 2010

The environment has always been a subject of interest for philosophers, scientists, educators and poets. Environment and spirituality are interconnected in the sense that a good environment is essential for the deepening of spiritual life. A good spirituality enables us to find beauty, goodness and greatness in the nature and in all the living and non-living things of the world around us. All living things affect the environment and are affected by conditions, interaction and (...)