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es - En la frontera USA

Témoignages - 1ro de febrero de 2018

Nuestra Comunidad de Chaparral está situada a media hora de la Frontera de El Paso, Texas, USA, con Ciudad Juárez, México. Llevamos aquí desde Enero 2001. Toda la vida de la zona está hondamente marcada por la interacción Mex-USA.
Familias, historia, cultura, música, tradiciones, comidas, comercio, lenguaje. La realidad de la inmigración y la presencia de familias con situaciones migratorias diversas,- niños y jóvenes nacidos ya en US, padres o madres, abuelos con y sin documentos- son el pan de (...)

fr - Marche 21 janvier 2018 à Kinshasa (RDC)

Témoignages - 30 janvier 2018

Kinshasa, le 27 Janvier 2018
Chères sœurs, chers amis
« Si le Seigneur ne garde la ville, c’est en vain que veille les gardes. » Ps. 126, 1b
Beaucoup veulent avoir de nouvelles. Enfin, je puis vous les partager. Merci de vos prières pour nous. Le Dimanche 21 Janvier, à la messe, alors que nous n’avions même pas reçu la bénédiction finale ni même les instructions concernant la marche, nous étions surpris par le jet des gaz lacrymogènes. Ça fusait de partout. Nous courions çà et là dans l’église (...)

fr - Initiative d’action de protection de l’environnement. Madagascar

Action - 16 janvier 2018

Cela faisait longtemps que je connaissais l’existence d’une association/entreprise solidaire : "le Relais-Madagascar". Sous l’impulsion d’un homme passionné d’humain et d’humanité est né, en 10 ans, une véritable entreprise à vocation sociale, pour favoriser la création d’emploi pour les personnes en situation de grande précarité.
Je sentais bien que nous avions quelque chose en commun à partager et que nous cherchions dans la même direction "dans le tumulte de la ville et dans la lutte pour survivre, (...)

en - Religious of the Assumption in Chaparral (US)

Action - 9 January 2018

In other places and times migration could be more linked to environmental destruction, but today, here on the US/Mexican Border it is largely due to violence, drug cartels, corrupt security forces, impunity, extortion, kidnappings… For example, it is reported that 90% of the women and children who had crossed the border in the summer of 2014 and were being held in a detention center in Artesia, NM “passed” the credible fear interview. That is, these asylum seekers were afraid for their lives. (...)

es - Palabras de la Iglesia de cara a la construcción del muro

Action - 8 de enero de 2018

El 25 de enero, Trump, que había prometido durante su campaña electoral construir un muro con México, firmó la orden ejecutiva titulada “Seguridad Fronteriza y Mejoras al Control de la Inmigración”.
Actualmente ya existe un muro, erigido durante el gobierno de Bill Clinton, que cubre diversas secciones de la frontera entre Estados Unidos y México.
Algunas palabras de los obispos :
“…desde hace más de 20 años, los obispos de la frontera norte de México y la frontera sur de Estados Unidos, hemos (...)

en - Cork Climate Action group

Action - 7 January 2018

“There is an urgent need to develop policies so that, in the next few years, the emission of carbon dioxide and other highly polluting gases can be drastically reduced, for example, substituting for fossil fuels and developing sources of renewable energy” Laudato Si p.21
In Ireland the Little Sisters of the Assumption in Cork have joined with Cork Climate Action group in advocating for the passage of the ‘The Fossil Fuel Divestment Bill 2017’ --- A Bill which asks the Irish Government to (...)

en - Shedding Light on Modern Slavery - Our contribution

Témoignages - 8 November 2017

It is estimated there are at least 13,000 people in the UK in modern slavery, out of these one in four are children. The exploitation takes many forms, sexual, criminal, labour and domestic servitude, these are the most common.
They may be working in factories, construction, agriculture, car washes and nail bars etc. ; they may not be wearing chains but with passports taken from them and fear of the immigration authorities, with threats to life and family, they will be securely tied (...)

en - Chose life, but it may be dangerous!

Témoignages - 2 November 2017

`We are defenders of life’ said Laura Caceres, the daughter of the murdered environmental activist and indigenous leader from Honduras. Berta was killed in 2016 for organising the grassroots resistance and had managed to pressurise the largest dam builder in the world to pull out of the Agua Zarca Dam
Not much later, January 2017, another Goldman environmental prizewinner, was gunned down in Mexico, Isdro Baldenegro. He defended old growth forests and the land rights of his people, the (...)

en - Creation Time – 1st September to 4th October

Action - 14 October 2017

In 1989 the Ecumenical Patriarch suggested that 1 September, the first day of the Orthodox Church’s year, should be observed as a day “of protection of the natural environment”. Ten years later the European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) widened this proposal, urging churches to adopt a Time for Creation stretching from 1 September to the feast of St Francis on 4 October. Pope Francis instituted September 1 as feast of Creation and urged all of us to keep this special time of (...)

en - Every little helps

Action - 29 August 2017

Climate change is the biggest challenge we have ever faced yet part of the response could be that `small is beautiful’.
Where food is concerned this seems to be true. 70% of the food produced globally comes from small scale farms and they have been shown to be more productive than the equivalent size using industrial farming techniques. What is more these industrial techniques are shown to lead to soil depletion and loss of precious topsoil, loss of biodiversity and reduced resilience (...)