fr - 25 Février : Mémoire Sr Poppa, Oblate de l’Assomption

Prieres - 20 février 2019

Dans la nuit du 25 au 26 février 1992, un commando des forces patriotiques du Rwanda, en guerre contre le gouvernement de Kigali, s’infiltre dans la Région de Rushaki. Les rebelles attaquent le village et tuent plusieurs personnes. Puis ils cassent les vitres du dispensaire, enfoncent les portes et saccagent papiers et médicaments. Ils montent au couvent et brisent les vitres de la salle de la communauté. Les rebelles brisent ensuite les vitres de la chambre des aspirantes. Celles-ci sont (...)

es - Concentración en el Puerto de Cartagena- España

Information - 14 de febrero de 2019

10 de febrero 2019
Estamos aquí para honrar la memoria de más de 2.255 personas que durante el año pasado 2018 arriesgaron su vida y la perdieron en el Mar Mediterráneo. Es puente entre tres continentes : Europa, Asia y África, pero se ha convertido en frontera amenazante, separación entre el Norte y el Sur, campo de batalla entre la vida y la muerte.
Es también fosa común de muertos “anónimos” del Sur empobrecido, cementerio de inmigrantes y refugiados que, desde su silencio eterno, nos increpan (...)

en - Recycling Ambassadors

Action - 12 February 2019

Who are they?
They are committed, civic minded individuals who volunteer to help persuade more of us to recycle our household waste. At the moment 42% of Irish households have signed contracts with Waste Disposal companies. But that means 58%, or more than half of us, have not.
We have seen images of seaside beaches covered in plastic “throw-outs” bottles, fast food containers, and so on. We know about the thousands of fish species being choked or poisoned by plastic. We also have heard (...)

fr - Prayer

Celebration - 7 février 2019

Ever provident Father, we thank you and praise you for all that you have been to us. We thank you for sending us Jesus as a sign of your providence and mercy. You uphold human dignity by the life and mission of Jesus. Trusting in Him as our brother and saviour, we present before you our prayers and petitions.
Your response will be,
Lord, comfort the less fortunate in your love.
*We pray for families suffering injustice in their day to day lives, that they experience consolation and (...)

en - The Constructive Power of Non-Violence: My Experience and Realization along with the Village Community of Marpo

Formation - 6 February 2019

Renji George Joseph
Marpo Village is situated in the Kauwakol Block of Nawada District in Bihar State of India. This is a remote, highly underdeveloped village in the valley of two adjacent hills which borders Jharkhand State and Bihar State. After this village the bordering areas are hillocks and thick forest areas. Even to day one has to travel nearly two hours from the Block Head Quarters of Kouwakol through mud and kachha (Not concreated) roads to reach this distant village.
This (...)