fr - Le monde regarde l’Europe.

Action - 22 mai 2019

Citoyens chrétiens engagés, nous sommes souvent consternés par l’indifférence , le scepticisme ou les oppositions à l’Union Européenne, espace de Paix fondé sur le droit. Au moment de choisir nos représentants au Parlement Européen nous attirons l’attention sur le regard que portent sur nous nos partenaires africains, sud américains, et méditerranéens . L’unité de l’Europe , dans le respect de la diversité des spiritualités , des cultures, et des peuples , reste pour eux un trésor, dont ils rêvent (...)

en - Telling the Truth ...this Easter 2019

Action - 10 May 2019

It was over a week of non violent civil disobedience ; in the end tens of thousands took part in London, and many more elsewhere, all over the world. It was a week of disruption to traffic and normality. It was very effective. It happened because there has been a failure of politics to do anything like enough, and a failure too, to move politicians by the usual means of petitions and demonstrations. This unprecedented protest was good natured, the police response was calm and respectful (...)

es - Celebración por la Paz

Celebration - 10 de mayo de 2019

Canto : elegir según los contextos.
Jesús, al enviar a sus discípulos en misión, les dijo : « Cuando entréis en una casa, decid primero : “Paz a esta casa”. Y si allí hay gente de paz, descansará sobre ellos vuestra paz ; si no, volverá a vosotros » (Lc 10,5-6).
Dar la paz está en el centro de la misión de los discípulos de Cristo. Y este ofrecimiento está dirigido a todos los hombres y mujeres que esperan la paz en medio de las tragedias y la violencia de la historia humana. La “casa” mencionada por (...)

en - The Eschatology of Creation

Formation - 9 May 2019

`The Eschatology of Creation’.
Marie Isifi
If the mystery of Christ in his incarnation and redemptive work elucidates the origin and end of Creation, the actuality of that destiny is accomplished gradually in time and space by the temporal involvement of all men and women. With this perspective, for the believer, is not the promotion of life in himself or herself as well as in those around him or her, a manifestation of the splendor of the incarnate Word ?
If “beauty is the experimental (...)

en - Developing action to Care for the Earth through pride in one’s neighbourhood.

Action - 9 May 2019

In October 2018, according to the Irish Times, Ballymun was deemed to be one of the worst areas in Dublin “where widespread dumping was observed …with areas becoming more littered” “Lack of pride” was blamed for rising litter in poor areas.
This report was a challenge/opportunity for local groups in Ballymun to draw attention to the need for a collaborative effort in cleaning up the area, and in partnering with groups concerned with Care of the Earth. The the strong words of Pope Francis in (...)