en - Metal Mining Would Be Disastrous for Haiti

Information - 4 September 2018

By Ellie Happel
March 29, 2018
After the 2010 earthquake killed more than 200,000 people and displaced more than a million, the government of Haiti identified mining for gold and other metals as necessary to strengthen the economy.
To that end, the government and the World Bank worked to revise the country’s mining law to attract foreign investment. Their draft law, which was presented to Parliament last July and is awaiting consideration, did not include input from Haitian (...)

en - Local drive aids Haitian schoolchildren with backpacks full of supplies

Action - 2 September 2018

By Paula J. Owen
Posted Jul 29, 2018
WORCESTER – Throughout the year, Tanya E. Connor painstakingly picks out special toys to fill backpacks for schoolchildren in Haiti, hoping in some small way the gifts will inspire awe for God’s creations in the children.
Ms. Connor organized toys in a bin in the hall of Sacred Heart-St. Catherine of Sweden parish on Cambridge Street Saturday afternoon, including a Doc McStuffins’ doll with a dark face that she specifically chose (...)

en - Catholic Haitian convention lights up the city night

Celebration - 1 September 2018

By Tanya Connor | The Catholic Free Press
A couple thousand lights brightened the night Saturday, as Haitian Catholics took Jesus to Worcester’s streets and seat of government.
Participants in the Haitian Catholic Charismatic Renewal Congress, held Friday through Sunday at the DCU Center, were processing from the arena to Worcester Common.
Msgr. Joseph P. Malagreca, spiritual director of the national committee of the Haitian Catholic Charismatic Renewal, carried the Host in (...)

fr - Evaluation de la CENCO sur l’état du processus électoral en RDC

Information - 28 août 2018

1. La Conférence Episcopale Nationale du Congo (CENCO) remercie très sincèrement le Président du Conseil de Sécurité des Nations Unies pour l’avoir invitée à briefer les Membres de ce Conseil sur l’évolution du processus électoral en RD Congo. Ce geste de haute portée témoigne de la confiance du Conseil de Sécurité envers la CENCO.
2. La CENCO a accueilli avec joie cette invitation à prendre part à ce rendez-vous qui, du reste, est très important pour notre pays dans sa recherche de sortie pacifique de (...)

en - A soul-searching time as a nation

Information - 24 July 2018

by Nancy Sylvester
These past weeks, a number of things have happened in the United States that signal to me we are entering a critical soul-searching time as a nation.
We experienced the administration’s hardened position regarding those who are entering our country, even for those seeking asylum. For a time it included separating children from their parents and placing them in detention centers without any plan for reuniting them with their families.
We heard President Donald (...)