en - Farmers in Kedia (Bihar) are making history

News - 20 July 2016

Farmers in the Jamui district of Bihar, India are adopting ecological agricultural practices. They are living a vision of progressive farming by embracing traditional ways of farming without chemicals, and adopting ecological solutions.it is working well. .
Is there a problem?
As many as 40% of the worlds population are small scale farmers, many live in poverty and hunger themselves. But they feed over 70% of the world. They face pressure from large farmers for land more often than (...)

en - Little Sisters of the Assumption, US Territory Disappointed in Split Decision on DACA/DAPA Immigration Case

Pétitions - 19 July 2016

June 29,2016
The LSA lament the split decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that in effect will continue to delay implementation of President Obama’s 2014 executive order that would have offered temporary deportation relief for certain undocumented immigrants who pose safety ans security threat.
With 6.1 million of U.S. citizens living with a family member in danger of deportation, that leaves countless Americans at risk of becoming impoverish and separated from love ones.
President (...)

it - I religiosi e la migrazione nel XXI secolo

Réseaux - 19 luglio 2016

E’ stata la gioia e la speranza, la tristezza e l’angoscia vissute dai 244 milioni di migranti e dai 60 milioni di sfollati e rifugiati del mondo a portarci alla Casa Generalizia dei Passionisti, a Roma, dal 22 al 24 Febbraio del 2016. L’evento, organizzato dalla Congregazione di San Giuseppe, dalla Congregazione della Missione, dai Passionisti Internazionali e dalla Curia Generalizia Agostiniana ha offerto a noi, religiosi e religiose, l’opportunita’ di condividere le nostre esperienze nei (...)

fr - Religieux et migration au 21ème siècle

Réseaux - 19 juillet 2016

Résumé et Réflexion provenant des évaluations
La joie et les espoirs, la douleur et l’angoisse d’une importante population de 244 millions de migrants dans le monde et de 60 millions de personnes déplacées à l’intérieur des pays, voilà ce qui nous conduisit à la Maison Générale des Passionistes, à Rome, du 22 au 24 février 2016. L’événement, organisé par les Congrégations de St. Joseph, la Congrégation de la Mission, Passionists international et Augustinians International, procura aux religieux et religieuses (...)

en - The religious and migration in the 21st century

Réseaux - 19 July 2016

Summary and Reflection from the Feedbacks
The joy and hopes, the sorrow and anguish of a significant population of the 244 million of the world’s migrants and the 60 million of internally displaced persons and refugees brought us at the Casa Generalizia de Passionisti, Rome from February 22 to 24, 2016. The event organized by the Congregations of St. Joseph, Congregation of the Mission, Passionists International and Augustinians International provided space for us men and women religious (...)